Tucker Carlson Guest Predicts A ‘Grassroots Populist Revolution’ In 2022 Elections

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is cratering in public opinion surveys as his administration suffers from catastrophic failures on multiple policy fronts, both foreign and domestic. In a Quinnipiac University survey conducted Oct. 15-18, only 37% of respondents approve of Joe Biden’s job as president, Fox News reported Wednesday.

In addition to the president’s deadly missteps after taking over the Afghanistan withdrawal from the Donald Trump administration, his brazenly broken promise to uphold vaccine choice and medical privacy has left his credibility as a U.S. president severely debilitated.

The public outpouring of defiance against Biden’s fascistic medical regime resulted in rampant flight cancellations for a week of Southwest Airlines flights, as employees reportedly called out with the “Freedom Flu” to protest the airline’s vaccine mandates.

Adding to the Democrats’ woes, Capitol Hill legislators with a “(D)” next to their name in the newspapers are heading into the 2022 midterms extremely vulnerable to the vehement public backlash against Joe Biden’s draconian Covid regime since taking office.

Just as a popular president can bring new members of their party into Congress riding on the party leader’s “long coattails,” presidents like Joe Biden are toxic assets to their party’s congressional delegates, and even state and local candidates, and can be considered liabilities to politicians who have to toe the line of maintaining party loyalty while trying to convince voters they give a flip about the voters’ grievances with the unpopular president.

It happened to Bill Clinton, who took office as president in 1992, only to see his party lose so severely to the GOP in the 1994 midterm elections (with eight seats flipping to the Party of Lincoln in the Senate, and 54 seats in the House of Representatives), that the resounding electoral coup was dubbed the “Republican Revolution.”

Things are looking so bad for the Democrats in 2021 that Hoover Institution historian Victor Davis Hanson recently paid a visit to the Tucker Carlson Tonight show on Fox News to predict doom for the Democrats in the upcoming midterms. Hanson warned, “There’s going to be a reckoning.”

Hanson told Tucker’s viewers he seeks a broad and diverse coalition of “Mexican-American communities on the border,”  as well as “soccer moms mad about what’s being taught in schools,” rising in a red wave of fury against the chaos that Washington and coastal elites have unleashed on our nation with their viciously authoritarian meddling, compounded by their inveterate stupidity.

He says middle America has finally woken up to the far-left ideology that has filtered into all of America’s institutions from decades of radical tenured professors on the government’s dime in academia brainwashing all these young skulls full of mush with a dangerously stupid, anti-American, anti-intellectual worldview and political agenda. 

“We have been asleep, and they have filtered into all these institutions with this agenda we don’t want, and it doesn’t work,” Hanson said.