Tucker And O’Reilly Absorb Fox’s Audience During GOP Debate

Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly were far from the GOP debate in California on Wednesday when they sat down to discuss the debate host network, Fox News. The first Republican presidential primary debate garnered 12.8 million viewers last month. This time around, just 1.25 million tuned in — and we have to wonder how many of them regret it.

In comparison, Tucker and O’Reilly had 15.9 million pairs of eyes on their interview by Thursday afternoon.

While Tucker didn’t part ways with Fox until this year, O’Reilly faced his own historic departure from the network back in 2017. Asked about that time in his career, he replied, he “accepted it right away” because there was nothing he could do about it.

Since then, he has authored several books — dubbed The Killing series. It has garnered the prestige of becoming the bestselling non-fiction book series of all time with over 19 million copies sold.

As expected, O’Reilley didn’t hold back when sharing his opinions of what is happening in the U.S. today. He spoke frankly, “I think there’s an act of evil…I think probably it runs a television industry in America right now.”

O’Reilly believes “America has entered the Age of Disorder, and it’s because of the Progressive Movement.” He touched on the pronounced misled overtone of our nation right now — citing Joe Biden’s waning mental incapacity and touting there are others who control Biden behind the scenes.

That’s not an uncommon belief among the American population. Just ask them yourself.

O’Reilly asserted Biden doesn’t enforce the immigration policy because Progressives don’t want him to. He also hinted at ties to corruption and reminded viewers of George Soros’ lifelong goal to promote zero borders anywhere.

The former Fox paragon noted, “The more money you take from people, the less power they have.” His warning that Progressives want to run the show is likely to resonate with the Conservative base which is quite concerned for the future of American families.

But the biggest problem is not that the Progressives want totalitarian control over everyone, according to O’Reilly, but rather that so few Americans are even aware of the current state of our nation. That, he says, is because the Progressives are running the media outlets and suppressing the truth.

Keeping with the new tradition, President Donald Trump was not present at the GOP debate, which some are calling the worst debate in American history.

Instead, Trump was in Clinton Township, Michigan, where he received a warm welcome from autoworkers and their families.

O’Reilly provided a fresh take on what lies ahead for Trump. He spoke confidently and believes Trump will remain on the ballot despite all of the left’s attempts to yank him from it. Bill O’Reilly may not be a psychic medium, but he knows American politics well — and he does not see Donald Trump going to prison.

O’Reilly was also candid enough with Tucker and the audience to admit he believes Trump will do whatever is best for himself, but he also believes he could put a stop to the “Age of Disorder.”

The most compelling takeaway from the interview? O’Reilly stated, “We gotta snap back…or we’re going to lose what we have here.”