Trump On Hunter Biden’s Art: ‘What If My Kids Did That’

President Joe Biden’s 51-year-old son, whose shady business practices have long been a source of contention, is now represented by a SoHo gallery owner who hopes to sell some of Hunter Biden’s abstract paintings for several hundred thousand dollars. Moreover, Former President Donald Trump chastised Hunter Biden on Saturday for his foray into painting, which is expected to increase sales by up to $500,000 later this year, according to reports. During the Turning Point Action meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, which was shown live on Newsmax, Trump asked if Hunter Biden, who has never painted before, could be paid a half-million dollars for every image. Donald Trump’s child would have provoked a different reaction. However, it is currently being rationalized by claiming that they wish to make it opaque. They should make it transparent, but they should also avoid creating it because it is a complete bribe.

According to Trump, there are some fantastic painters who could have a portrait done for $250 with pencils on Central Park men. They are talented as well as their paintings are brilliant. Moreover, when someone visits Central Park, they see that they’ve lined up all these painters. People can strike a bargain as well. Furthermore, some of them are incredible in terms of what they can do in such a short amount of time.

On the other hand, Hunter Biden would receive a check for $500,000, which is a Bribe. Although the White House has stated that it would meet prospective buyers, the people who buy the paintings from the President’s son became anonymous. It is also believed that Biden’s are utilizing the selling of art to hide the dirty money. Moreover, Republicans have voiced concerns about the situation’s appropriateness and members of the mainstream media and the art world.