Transportation Secretary Has the Worst Take on Gas Prices

Of the many problems causing Americans grief today, gas prices are definitely at the top of the list.

Gas is a necessity for many Americans. People need to fuel their tanks in order to go to work, make grocery store trips, go to medical appointments, and otherwise live their lives.

Yet, because of the White House damaging the energy sector in America, gas prices are at least 75% higher than they were during the Trump administration.

Because the Biden administration prioritizes a Marxist Green New Deal over a stable economy, people are forced to spend increasing amounts of money at gas stations.

The Biden administration could very easily make gas prices go down by restoring energy production. Instead, they sent out U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg with the worst messaging on gas prices, according to The Blaze.

The White House’s Message to Americans on High Gas Prices

In a nutshell, Secretary Buttigieg said that Americans need to get used to the prices they’re seeing at the gas pumps these days.

In fact, the Transportation Secretary made it clear that current gas prices are here to stay until America can find a version of energy independence that’s rooted in “clean energy.”

Unfortunately, tone-deaf comments like this that show no connection to the American public whatsoever are a pattern for Buttigieg. Just a few weeks ago, the Transportation Secretary said Americans can avoid higher gas prices by switching over to electric vehicles.

This is a talking point that’s been echoed by many other members of the White House; however, it still doesn’t hold water. Electric vehicles are more expensive than vehicles that run on gas. Also, electric vehicles require the very same oil for production purposes that Democrats despise.

Sending a Message Back to the Biden Administration

At this point, the White House has been clear that it will not bring back energy production or lift the bans on certain drilling permits. In fact, the Biden administration has even resorted to lying and claiming it’s not actually interfering with energy production in America.

The message is loud and clear. However, come this November, Americans will be able to send a message right back.

This message will come in the form of voting out Democrats from Congress and replacing them with Republicans who put America first. With the House and Senate being controlled by Republicans after November, Biden will lose a significant majority of his power.

Democrats know this too, which is why they’re horrified about losing these elections. If there’s one thing the White House’s messaging on gas prices has done, it’s shown that this president and his administration are unfit to hold a power monopoly in the federal government.