‘Transgender’ Teacher Removed From Classroom For Comments About Shooting Students

Parents are livid after finding out that it took two weeks to remove a so-called “transgender” teacher from the classroom after he made comments about wanting to shoot some of his students.

The male teacher masquerading as a woman made the comments to the school’s guidance counselor on March 24 after he had discovered that some students had been making negative comments about his gender identity on social media.

According to local news outlet WEAR News ABC 3, the Fox Chapel Middle School teacher admitted that he was having “bad thoughts — and then proceeded to make a “comment that she wanted to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability.”

“The report notes that the teacher immediately added that she would never harm a student,” the outlet added, referring to the male teacher with female pronouns.

Several parents are now fearing for their children’s safety after the incident, though the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office has since removed three firearms and ammunition from the teacher’s home.

While the teacher had his weapons confiscated after police were aware of the situation, parents still have cause to be concerned because the Hernando School District did not remove the teacher from his classroom until the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) got involved last week — leaving the man who expressed a desire to harm his students with complete access to those students.

“Earlier this week, the Department was informed of a situation regarding student safety at a school in Hernando County,” the FLDOE notice reads. “Upon the Department bringing the concern to the Superintendent Wednesday evening, only then did the district remove the teacher from the school, effective yesterday, Thursday, April 13.”

Parents attended Tuesday’s school board meeting to speak out about HSD’s actions, accusing the school district of withholding information from them.

“I’m basically here on a fact-finding mission,” one father said. “I’m basically here to gather facts so I can decide whether or not to pull my son out of Fox Chapel.”

“The fact that it took two weeks for us, as parents, to find out that anything happened is mind-boggling,” said another father, adding that he has requested Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) office to investigate the matter.

Of course, some leftist parents appeared at the meeting to defend the teacher, claiming that the allegations against him were false and arguing that they were just an attempt to smear him for being transgender.

“She was and is a respected educator until she was brave enough to work on showing her true self and came out as trans,” one mother claimed. “Her soul and her teaching abilities are the same, if not better since she feels more comfortable in her own skin.”

However, her defense of the teacher was shut down by other parents, with one father saying: “Doesn’t matter whether they’re white, black, purple, green or a rhinoceros. I’m glad she’s a great teacher. She made a threat.”

Many critics of transgenderism have spoken out about the teacher’s comments, with popular YouTuber “The Quartering” asking: “At what point does it become a pattern?”

His question references the recent trend of violent transgender individuals being arrested, fired or called out on social media — with the biggest incident being the recent mass shooting at a Christian school committed by a woman claiming to be a man.