Trans Activists Storm Journalist Meghan Murphy’s Speech

Journalist and founding editor of Feminist Current Meghan Murphy spoke at the 1 Million March for Children event on Wednesday. During Murphy’s speech, trans activists stormed the stage, causing local law enforcement to stop the event.

The protestors were a group of activists who felt Murphy’s viewpoint was anti-trans and called for an end to trans activism in the area. Murphy focuses on reducing children’s use of transgender rights movements within schools.

Murphy has been in the news regarding the opposition to her statements on transgenderism. Murphy has stated that she is not against people who are transgender. She is against the rules that are seeping into the school system.

Murphy told the BBC, “Under current trans activist doctrine, we’re not allowed to exclude a man from a woman’s space if he says that he’s female, and I find that quite dangerous and troubling.”

The concern Murphy shows over the invasion of women’s spaces, especially female youth, is shared by many concerned parents. This concern is fueling many protests parents hold throughout Canada and the United States.

In the United States, there have been numerous issues dealing with trans activism overpowering the rights of other students. One of the more recent incidents happened in Pennslyvania.

A school district in Pennslyvania enacted a law allowing students to use the bathroom that fits their perceived gender and not their biological gender. This law permitted young transgender men to use the female bathrooms. Parents and students staged a walkout when requests to change the law were denied.

In addition to transgender bathroom policies, there are national concerns about transgender males entering female sports and pushing those females out of the sport. This push affects the outcomes of sports scores and females’ chances of obtaining scholarships.

Murphy is not against transgenderism. She is for the rights and safety of the non-transgender students. Trans activists continuing their assault on concerned citizens like Murphy will only fuel the fires of transgender issues, not stop them.