Top Eight Threats To Democracy In 2022

Besides the media disinformation campaign, the greatest dangers to our government and county are leftist politicians. The Year 2021 brought more hysterical claims and insanity from the left. The mob at the Capitol on January 6 was not an insurrection despite their efforts to convince the American people that out-of-control protesters were part of a coup.

Contrary to the opinions expressed on The View, ending abortion is not the result of radicalized Christianity it is the will of most Americans. Democrats are the real threat to our electoral system. Kamala Harris recently said that a majority rule form of government that respects minority positions threatens Democrats. Consider the following examples of what Democrats are pursuing, and ask yourself which party is attacking our way of life?

  1. Creating states out of Puerto Rico and Washington District of Columbia would take over the Senate and increase perpetual Democrat control of Congress. Making D.C. into a state is prohibited by the Constitution. The country’s capital should be independent. That does not matter to Democrats.
  2. Our southern border is porous, and this is not a mistake. Joe Biden and Democrats have abandoned their obligation to protect this nation. Executive orders have hastily eliminated security measures at our southern border. Biden has invited a surge of illegal aliens and workers.
  3. Rather than honoring the system of government, some Democrats would like to erase the Senate. They seem to think that it is an uncalled-for wing of our bicameral Congress. The Senate addresses imbalanced power in Congress by protecting smaller states from being tyrannized, but Democrats are okay with tyranny if they get what they want.
  4. Deep State actors have taken over our military and coordinated actions with liberals in Congress. Nancy Pelosi worked behind the scenes to stop President Trump from retaining the nuclear codes by contacting General Mark Milley and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It was a glaring example of eliminating civilian control of the military when elite politicians and generals can determine who is acceptable in a leadership position.
  5. Election laws require states to give up their elections to the federal government. Biden has depicted Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and other states as challenging the democratic process when representatives consider election integrity laws.
  6. Vaccine mandates by Democrats required using Joe Biden as a sock puppet, Fauci as a prophet of woah, and the pandemic as an existential crisis. So far, the Supreme Court has allowed the Biden-Harris to proceed and has not yet accepted the challenge to the Constitution these dictates represent.
  7. Packing the court is an unrealistic fantasy, but Democrats have never allowed reality to stop them. They want to control the court by installing politically motivated justices. Biden will rubber stamp judges who will rule by fiat.
  8. The Filibuster is being threatened. Extremist control of Congress comes when this tactic is eliminated. If the Senate rules are changed, Democrats get everything they want whenever they want. Democrats utilized it more than 400 times to hinder Trump, and they want to use the Biden presidency to pass and sign bills in 2022.