Top Democrat Falls Short Defending Biden Over Baby Formula Shortages

Between threats to public safety, inflation, and growing gas prices, everyday Americans have enough issues on their plates. Unfortunately, the baby formula shortage made matters ten times worse.

Multiple infants have been placed in hospitals, owing to a lack of baby formula. This is naturally a major cause of concern for parents who want to ensure the well-being of their kids.

Over the weekend, new shipments of baby formula arrived from Europe.

This prompted Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) to tout the arrival as an example of a job well done by Joe Biden. Unfortunately for the California congressman, this assessment wasn’t well-received by the American people.

A Poor Defense of the President’s Record
Late Sunday afternoon, Swalwell responded to a tweet of Biden announcing that formula was arriving in Pennsylvania, with other states to get shipments in the days ahead.

By his own admission, the California Democrat believes Biden is “getting [stuff] done,” yet his view is not shared by folks who have been hit hard by these shortages.

Many Americans didn’t hesitate to tweet back at Swalwell, sharing their thoughts about the president’s response to the baby formula shortages.

One common view is that the shortage happened in the first place because Biden’s FDA pulled the plug on a leading facility responsible for manufacturing and distribution. In light of this, Swalwell’s praise of the president was branded as silly and out of touch.

Other social media users declared that having to get baby formula from Europe because of a shortage on Biden’s watch is an embarrassment to the United States as a whole. On a similar note, multiple Twitter users said America has fallen into third-world country status, due to these shortages of formula.

Later, Americans held Biden’s feet to the fire for waiting too long to act. With the shortages having been in the works for quite some time, many people believe the president should not have held off on acting until after babies were hospitalized.

A Short-term Fix
It’s been said that the shipments arriving from Europe will only last for a limited timeframe. Despite Swalwell’s praise, the arrival of new baby formula is not a long-term solution.

One solution that would prevent future troubles like this would entail having more baby formula manufacturers on the beat.

This way, if any one company ever runs into similar complications later down the line, it won’t thrust America’s babies and families into crisis mode.