Top 7 Biden Media Moments Of 2021

Thanks to 70 million Americans and some enthusiastic zealots in the Democrat Party that are using this nation as their piggy bank, we installed a feeble and inept geriatric President named Joe Biden this year. In addition to disappearing for extensive periods, taking naps, and leaving DC early for long weekends at the beach, Biden occasionally makes an appearance with the media.

Biden is the anti-president, a man who is not in charge of his faculties, let alone the White House or this nation. He has constantly provided odd and unique interchanges to questions by the media to highlight his incompetence. Making America into a joke means that the joke is on us.

  1. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins rose from Biden when she questioned him about Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin. As Collins attempted to speak, Biden irately replied that he was uncertain about Putin. Biden thinks that we should get this straight: what will change Russian conduct is assuming the remainder of the world responds to them and reduces their impact on the planet. He accused Collins of unacceptable business and that she was unable to comprehend why his meeting with Putin was useful before abruptly leaving.
  2. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell questioned Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and Joe Biden about the treatment of Veterans in the VA. She requested that he remark on Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough’s declaration that the VA would force employees to take the COVID-19, not a vaccine, regardless of individual health condition or personal choice. He smiled to insult her about being in the wrong business and then declared that everyone at the VA must get an experimental gene-therapy treatment with mixed efficacy at best.
  3. An unnamed reporter in the gaggle asked Biden, “Mr. President, can I ask you a quick question on Israel before you drive away since it’s so important?” To which Joe replied, “No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it. I’m only teasing.” While test driving a Ford F-150 Lightning, he decided to joke about running over reporters. It is some aggressive press treatment by a president who is supposed to be friendly with the liberal media.
  4. Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked about COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, and demanding that people wear masks. Biden thinks that government authorities can determine the rules for wearing masks across this country. He admitted that in May, he said that people do not need to wear a mask with a vaccine. But he has since changed his tune. However, he continually refused to acknowledge the real benefits of natural immunity, which now exceeds any potential therapeutic benefits of the vaccine. Doocy scared Biden, who ran off the platform to avoid further questions.
  5. At another Press gaggle, Biden admitted that he bears responsibility for the Kabul attack, which resulted in the death of over one hundred Afghanis and 13 American soldiers. He defended the sloppy withdrawal when pressed by Peter Doocy. When asked about the troop drawdown, he proclaimed it was the Fourth of July, and because it is a holiday, he is punching out on the time clock. As if the president can drop responsibility and leave when it hits 5:00. Biden also argued with Doocy when asked about the turbulent US troop withdrawal as the Afghan government immediately imploded and the Taliban began slaughtering people. He claimed that President Trump promised that the Taliban could have Afghanistan. He also rejected questions from the Federal Emergency Management Agency about handling refugees.
  6. Biden has not explained why the Build Back Better spending plan was rejected by Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (WV). Manchin opposed the monstrous social cronyism bill, and Biden insisted that he shouldn’t have this public interview. Biden is incapable of answering questions or holding a conversation. He can barely string together two sentences when reading from a teleprompter.

That is our president. God help us all in 2022.