TikTok Rumor Teaches Students Lesson About Fake News

Rumors of a day of school violence on TikTok, concerned parents, widespread school closures, and ramped up law enforcement all over a disconcerting TikTok trend that went viral with a warning that authorities have determined is not credible.

Still, to be safe, school districts from the top to the bottom of this country closed Friday, while other areas had law enforcement step up to patrol schools, CNN’s Brian Fung and Geneva Sands reported Friday.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said that morning, sure, “remain alert,” but there’s no evidence that this trend originated from any real threat. The popular video platform quickly began removing videos on the trend under the misinformation section of the app’s content policy.

Plenty of the students who had their classes disrupted Friday over an overblown fear that went viral on social media might be feeling like it’s deja vu. After so recently having class canceled for a workshop on Critical Race Theory.

This week’s misinformation virus must have looked to some kids like the coronavirus panic that threw their lives into disruption for more than a day.

Have these Boomer and Gen X parents all been competing with each other since January 2020 to prove who loves their baby and would never let them come to harm the most?

Look, if I were the school district boss, I’d say yeah, let them stay home for the day. They’re used to that. Why take a chance on the school district that didn’t cancel class, and someone takes the TikTok trend’s bait that day?

And who could blame a parent for pulling their kids out of school that day? Or making them wear a helmet to ride their bike, or not letting them do what their parents let them do when they were their age?

Understandably, you want to protect. But who can trust social media trends or the most reputable names in the news to teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones with a straight face anymore?

Apparently, not anyone. You either don’t trust and know it, or you don’t trust and spin yourself and your school district and city and nation into a hurricane of misinformation and choices ranging from awkward and ridiculous to illegal, immoral, and dangerous dancing harder than the guy next to you through the motions to play to yourself and others that you trust. You don’t just trust, but you believe the social media and the news. It’s okay. People are snapping out of it and waking up all the time now.