This One Isn’t Doctored And Nancy Pelosi Looks Hella Inebriated In It

A video of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) completely derailing in her train of thought and looking and sounding like a sloppy drunk went viral this week. Unlike the notorious and hilarious “Drunk Pelosi” video that went viral, this one’s real. And it’s so much worse than the “Drunk Pelosi” edits.

The Chicks on the Right did a react video posted to Twitter Friday, laughing at the House Democrats embarrassing frailty. Now listen, it’s no embarrassment to become frail with age as Nancy Pelosi has, starting in the 1970s as Joe Biden did.

The embarrassment is in not accepting it, not acting your age, not having any self-awareness, and not knowing when to let go and move on to another stage of life that is appropriate for your abilities.

That’s very inappropriate and not very pretty, and it doesn’t matter how much Botox you use, and it doesn’t matter how young or old you are. You sold your soul. You’re the ugliest thing that ever lived. And you know it!

Look at what the Left has to offer young Americans as a vision of their highest possible aspirations with the visible leadership of career crooks like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Behold these elite name brand Democratic politicians, who have ascended to the pinnacle of American politics, yet have so clearly not reckoned with their inevitable mortality, preceded, according to the natural order of the world, by the passing into old age and infirmity.

Can someone who feels they still have unfinished business after doing, uh, let’s say, more than enough for themselves and their society be trusted with captaining the ship? 

Someone who goes to the grave clawing, and kicking, and abusing others even as they are more feeble than ever is a horrifically undignified sight to behold!

And that’s what Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are, and this is the kind of salvation that the Godless Left has to offer its millions of indoctrinated cult followers: no salvation at all. Just death at the end of their lives, and no smile for death when it comes, not even courage in the face of it.

These old sacks cannot even take courage to face retirement at an appropriate age because getting more power and using it to control, hurt, and abuse others is all they know. If you haven’t watched it yet, click the link and watch the video of someone who is not at peace with themselves.