This Headline Casts A Shadow Over New Year’s Eve

Writing for the Associated Press, an article headlined the top of HuffPost Monday, Raf Casert sang an ode to the coronavirus entitled, “Omicron Spreads Global Gloom Over New Year’s Celebrations.”

“After struggling with the coronavirus for far too long, the world understands all too well Belgium’s word of the year, ‘knaldrang!’ the urge to party, the need to let loose. Yet as New Year celebrations approach, the omicron variant is casting more gloom,” the lyrics begin.

But see how in this single article, exemplary of the genre, the writer becomes a device by which the coronavirus hoax lifts itself into the air by its shoelaces?

The report says that “the Omicron variant is casting more gloom,” but to be more accurate, it is, in fact, the report, its writer, its publisher, and its uncritical promoters who are casting more gloom.

As New Year’s celebrations approach, the Huffington Post and perhaps its readers seem to think that the most newsworthy story, deserving the headline space at the top of the page, is more “Germ Scary Bad!”

Why is that? And why lie about it, with such an artful and crafty lie, that the subject of the headline is doing to the reader what the headline is doing to the reader? (I’d say most likely making the reader sick unless they have the wit and energy to fight back at what articles like these do to them. Otherwise, it’s probably better not to read the news.)

Well, because people are searching for “Omicron” and “new year’s celebrations” en masse right now, so this article satisfies the barest requirements of profit-making by getting organic traffic and serving idiotic ads for nothing that look disgusting or like porn, or at best, ads for things I’m not interested in buying at all despite how much of my private information has been shared between platforms and advertisers.

It is all deplorable. So much time, talent, and good ad space is wasted. And people’s poor eyeballs and ears are being littered and abused with low effort content to place low effort ads against. Scrolling down the HuffPost page Monday, all the rest of the articles are crap too. It’s not like they just picked the wrong headline or wrote the wrong one with the correct keywords for searchers and headlined it. They wrote all the wrong ones or wrote them all wrong.

The lyrics continue: “Dire warnings abound, caseloads are rising alarmingly fast, air traffic is snarled, and several countries are considering more restrictions to add to the patchwork of lockdowns and other measures already in place around Europe.”

It is one of those dire warnings. So they’re all just reporting that there are warnings. Have you got that? Because people are searching for those reports. Do you see what a giant, crazy self-licking ice cream cone this entire hoax is? I’m not saying coronavirus isn’t real or that some people haven’t died because of coronavirus infections. All excellent and persistent delusions incorporate facts and pieces of reality into them.

“Alarmingly” fast-rising caseloads are also a hand-to-shoelace aerial maneuver. It’s alarming. They’re saying it’s disturbing because they sound the alarm over it. These kinds of words are weasel words. They raise your temperature by telling you to heat up, not with information.

Air traffic is snarled because of the vaccine mandates causing employees and airline companies to have conflicts causing all kinds of problems, and we know it’s true. The coronavirus conspirators in the news have been hiding it from their audiences. And it’s snarled because everyone’s all afraid and being forced to do all kinds of confusing stupid things by an army of government and corporate bureaucrats descending on them like a swarm of locusts. It is what management by radical bureaucracies is like our Marxism vaccine. I’m not interested in a booster.

And several countries are considering more restrictions and lockdowns because this article told them to raise their temperature. For some reason, people and politicians are still looking to the news industry as a reliable and authoritative source of information about organizing their polities’ lives. Maybe that’s why Biden and Pelosi can’t get enough ice cream. I think their subconscious has been trying to tell us this thing is a self-licking ice cream cone all along.