Things Are Not Looking Good For Hunter Biden

At this point, most Americans have heard of Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. Hunter and other members of the Biden family have been implicated in various shady business deals with foreign countries. Hunter, himself, also remains under investigation by federal authorities.

During the 2020 presidential election, news surfaced about Hunter’s infamous laptop. However, with Biden’s candidacy for the White House on the line, the media did everything it could to bury this story.

Even social media companies helped with this, citing claims that Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was “misinformation.” Now, the media has largely walked this back, admitting the laptop is very much real.

Not only is the Hunter Biden laptop real, but there have also been 168,000 files recovered from this laptop after being deleted.

The Latest on Hunter’s Troubling Laptop
These days, the first son is up against a lot of issues. It’s questionable as to whether or not his dad will be able to make it all disappear, despite his current role as president.

As it turns out, the recovered files from Hunter’s laptop include images of identification cards, financial business reports, personal financial reports, invoices, text messages, and more. All of this was able to be found on Hunter’s computer hard drive.

In other troubling updates, the first son is seen with a vape pen, a firearm, and in the presence of a prostitute.

These latest laptop files come amid Hunter’s questionable involvement with Ukrainian and Chinese businesses during his father’s time as vice president. Biden remains accused of using his previous influence as vice president for shady purposes.

Allegedly, Biden pulled strings to get Hunter working with different businesses, along with threatening Ukraine with a quid-pro-quo to prevent at least one of these companies from being investigated.

Radio Silence From the Biden Administration
Since the recovery of Hunter’s laptop files, his father’s White House has been very quiet about the matter.

This comes on the heels of previous reports that the president’s brother, James Biden, was a “fixer” of sorts for the family’s business deals.

Granted, James Biden has denied this. Nevertheless, it’s more than clear to see that the White House doesn’t want to draw attention to all the corruption tied to the president’s family.

Then again, between inflation, border issues, baby formula shortages, and more, this White House has a lot it needs to be fixing.