They’re Not ‘Sending Their Best’ To Ask Psaki The Questions

A White House reporter prodded the administration Wednesday to try “scolding” Americans who haven’t gotten a coronavirus vaccine, David Rutz reported at Fox News.

The Politico’s David Lippman asked:

“Because there are millions of Americans who have not been persuaded to be vaccinated by various government programs, why hasn’t the president focused more on chastising the unvaccinated to attempt to warn them, ‘Hey, this isn’t working for society, and you know we keep getting these shutdowns?’”

That’s seriously the question. Have you tried scolding them?

It’s an exemplar of the White House press corps’ inveterate sycophancy, a symptom of a pretty awful disease access journalism and administrations that cannot bear proper scrutiny from an appropriately adversarial press.

It all but spells out: We’re on your side, not the side of any American people who are not also on your side.

When journalists would probably most of them agree that ideally, a professional in their industry is never on any administration’s side and is most interested in elevating the voices and arguments of the most aggrieved minorities against the wheels and whims of power.

That’s its major flaw. Its minor flaw is glaringly apparent. Where has Lippman been all this time?

Name me as many things as you can that Brandon has done other than the vaccine mandates and scolding people to get vaccinated? Something immigration, something Afghanistan, something holy national debt balls batman!

And that’s it. And all three of those are pretty standard, matter-of-course showings on the administration’s part, not signature Biden.

Is ‘have you tried scolding them’ a sarcastic joke? Is that like, needling the administration to do even more mandates?

Psaki’s answer was 85% of American adults have had at least one vaccine, and 70% are “fully vaccinated” to the Fauci politburo’s satisfaction.

So it’s over? That sounds like it’s pretty much over. You won. Move on!