The World Economic Forum Has “The Science” In A Stranglehold

For years on end, the American people have been told to trust the experts, follow “the science,” and not ask too many questions. This was pushed on folks who raised issues about lockdowns and especially COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Unfortunately, “the science” has fallen through time and time again. Face masks didn’t stop the virus. COVID-19 vaccines also didn’t prevent the spread of the virus.

To this day, there are individuals double, triple, and quadruple vaccinated and even they haven’t been spared from fresh run-ins with COVID-19.

As many Americans already suspected, “the science” is not all that it’s cracked up to be. This was recently admitted by none other than a World Economic Forum aide.

A Confirmation of What Many Already Knew
World Economic Forum aide Melissa Fleming recently said the quiet part out loud. By her own admission, the organization “owns the science” that’s consistently peddled to Americans as gospel.

To make matters even worse, the World Economic Forum isn’t above discrediting people who bring forward legitimate concerns about “the science.” One of its most well-known tactics involves writing off dissent as “misinformation” or “disinformation.”

This pertains to not just COVID-19, but also to growing debates about climate change and its impacts on the world. To make matters worse, the World Economic Forum is in bed with Google.

Meanwhile, Google’s consistently seen to it that searches for climate change result in United Nations articles being at the top of engine results.

What Else Does WEF Own?
If the World Economic Forum owns science that controls the lives of millions, then it begs to question what else the organization owns.

Amid this latest revelation about “the science,” people who spent the last two years saying everyone should “follow the science” are strangely silent.

There’s been no word about these remarks from the Biden administration or other top Democrats who insisted for people to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions without question.

While the World Economic Forum boasts about owning “the science,” everyday people are left picking up the pieces. To make matters worse, the organization’s aide also boasted about it becoming more “proactive” in taking steps forward.

If the United States doesn’t manage to get out from under the World Economic Forum’s thumb, there’s truly no telling what comes next.