The White House Has New Plans For Immigration to America

The US immigration system remains in severe disarray with the Biden administration calling the shots.

Since the current administration took over, there’s been a massive surge in the number of illegal immigrants coming to the southern border.

Biden put this in motion when he yanked back former President Trump’s Remain in Mexico program. Were it not for court intervention, Title 42 would have faced the same fate.

Unfortunately, the current president continues to abdicate his sworn oath to uphold America’s immigration rules. Biden has instead left border states, such as Arizona and Texas, to clean up his mess.

At this time, the White House is working on putting forth a new immigration policy; although, little good is expected to come of it.

Biden’s Latest Plan For America’s Immigration System
In a nutshell, the current administration seeks to increase the number of migrants entering the United States. To make this happen, the president’s action plan involves reducing the steps involved in applications for asylum.

Within a matter of days, Citizenship and Immigration Services asylum officers will be able to cut back on how much content they’re reviewing within each application. According to the White House, this is critical for ending the “bureaucracy” associated with the asylum process.

The Biden administration is also on record claiming that, with this new change, DHS will have an easier time booting out folks who are not eligible for asylum.

Needless to say, the timing of this new shift to the asylum application process calls into question this claim from the White House.

Questionable Timing
The Biden administration’s changes to the asylum application process for migrants follow a judge preventing the repeal of Title 42.

Title 42, coincidentally, is what allows for migrants to be swiftly turned away from the southern border. Without this policy in place, Border Patrol agents would likely face a more than 10,000 increase in the number of migrants coming to the border each day.

Therefore, some people have criticized the changes to the asylum applications process as a backdoor way of permitting more entry into the United States. This is definitely a measure that’s taken heat from Republicans.

As the Biden administration works to make seeking asylum easier for migrants, everyday Americans are still suffering. Families and infants are still without baby formula; although, this hasn’t stopped the White House from sending shipments down to the southern border.

Once again, the president remains under criticism from people who perceive him as putting American interests last.