The White House ‘Cleans Up’ After Kamala Harris’ ‘False Claim’ About COVID Tests

When COVID testing and treatments, the Biden Administration is a complete disaster. They’ve spent all of their effort on vaccines and masks, far less time on diagnostics, and maybe even less time on an essential item: treatments.

As observed, preventing states from receiving monoclonal antibody therapies and parceling them out based on some inflexible formula that ignores the necessity would cost lives. The media hasn’t covered how they’ve denied it, which is a significant issue that deserves more coverage. Tulsi Gabbard, a former congresswoman, spoke out about the situation, urging more decisive action.

According to the reports, Joe Biden promised millions of at-home test kits months ago, but they still haven’t arrived, and he’s made a variety of remarks about it. During an appearance with Craig Melvin on the Today Show, Kamala Harris was questioned about the location of the tests. Harris predicted that it would happen next week. So, why discuss if you haven’t prepared and have no idea? Of course, not knowing is an issue as well.

Furthermore, they expect all contracts to be given within the next two weeks, a White House official said. According to Health Secretary Alex P. Harris, the tests would be released shortly, who told NBC News earlier this week that it was “a matter of urgency for them.”

The White House announced today that they had been awarded another $500 million contract, bringing the total to a billion dollars. No, they wouldn’t have had it in time for the Omicron rush if it was a question of urgency. In a few weeks, they could experience it after the surge had subsided. But there’s still a long way to go on them.