The Vice President is Possibly Sicker With COVID Than Reported

At each and every turn, America’s supposed finest medical experts have been wrong about COVID, the extent of the virus, and the measures that are necessary to beat back the virus.

Health officials stated that COVID vaccines were going to be the holy grail that stopped COVID from spreading and let people throw away their face masks once and for all.

Meanwhile, Democrats and medical experts actually rallied to keep mask mandates in place well after COVID vaccines were distributed.

Then, there’s the overall uselessness of these vaccines. In the past, vaccines were widely regarded as tools to stop infections and the spread of disease. Today, the COVID vaccines do not accomplish either objective.

Days ago, news broke out that Vice President Kamala Harris came down with a case of COVID. Now, it turns out the vice president’s COVID case could be more serious than what’s being openly reported, according to PJ Media.

A Closer Look at Harris’ Battle Against COVID

Per multiple reports, the vice president is taking a drug known as Paxovid to help her beat off the virus. However, this particular drug is generally consumed by people who are at extremely high risk for this virus.

It’s also worth noting that Harris is not only completely vaccinated against COVID, but she’s also taken her booster shots against the virus as well. Once again, all of these shots were billed by health experts as measures that would “stop the spread.”

Officials have claimed the vice president is “healthy” and without symptoms. However, this still remains completely at odds with reports of her taking Paxovid.

In light of the vice president consuming this drug, there are speculations about whether or not there could be problems with her immune system or other health issues that have yet to be reported.

A Lack of Transparency From the White House

On Twitter, the vice president released a statement, noting that she’s vaccinated, boosted, and undergoing isolation due to testing positive for the virus. Harris did not mention the severity of her fight against COVID or how things are progressing for her.

Meanwhile, the White House hasn’t released any information on this matter either. Due to Harris’ role as the nation’s vice president, Americans have the right to know what is happening.

Harris is far from the first official to test positive for this virus, in spite of having all the vaccines and boosters. Yet, Democrats continue to demonize people who refuse to take clearly ineffective COVID shots.

Time will tell what’s to come for the vice president’s health.