The Vice President Entanglement And Kamala Harris

What else could take a turn for the worse in the first year of the self-proclaimed Biden-Harris maladministration than the Harris half of the equation? 

You are gravely mistaken if you think that Kamala Harris will soon get a visit from Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking her to step aside. She is running this party as the Obama hand-picked successor to aging and failing Joe Biden. Rarely has a second in command had such a greased glide path to the presidency? 

Chuck Schumer would love to be the one to tell Kamala to step aside. But Kamala is waiting for the wings to step up when Joe Biden keels over. 

Joe Biden, the anti-President, is not making any of these decisions on his own. They may want you to think that Harris will move on since she’s a massive cackling failure. There are few redeeming qualities regarding Harris. She continued her disaster tour, and The Plan is a mess. 

She took her sixth-grade teacher demonstration skills to Paris this week. Typically, Paris is a well-disposed area for a liberal. Sadly for the White House, the V.P. couldn’t perform there. The woman has transformed into a significant risk. 

Harris cannot handle a media interview like she did with the puff piece with Lester Holt on NBC. “She is not likable,” according to the recent polls. 

Holt asked her if she was going to visit the southern border. She was the border Czar for the maladministration she has attached her name to. Harris answered we’ve been to the border. Holt corrected her, pointing out that she had not been to the boundary. “I haven’t been to Europe,” Harris snapped before chuckling. Well, she went to Europe and presumably will not be responding to any inquiries concerning that.

After Harris visited the border, the White House called her trip successful. Addressing immigration is one of the few things Harris was supposed to do. Harris was supposed to lead the maladministration’s voting perversion efforts. 

Biden is unlikely to be able to run for reelection in 2024. Most sane people doubt he will make it to the end of his term. Harris was selected to be the heir apparent. But Democrats openly doubt her ability to defeat either Trump or any Republicans who run.

She is the poisoned pill for the Democrat party. She was planted in the White House by an Obama team that invested enough to pay off. 

Now, every liberal hopes that Biden makes it to 2025, but this is a pipe dream. The media will help hide Joe and Kamala from the spotlight, but they are made for each other. Equal parts evil and inept. Will Harris get the Biden, Cheney, Gore, Quayle, Bush, or Spiro treatment? Meaning will she get her shot at the big house or get pushed aside? 

Only time will tell, but Democrats do not have a prayer in any upcoming election either way.