The United States Is Stealing As Much Money As It Can

You can’t spell the IRS without spelling “THEIRS.” But like everything the government says, it’s a lie. Sorry, Obama. You’re mistaken. The American people did build that. Washington politicians think whatever portion they want to write out on their blank checks to themselves in the throes of the perpetual drunken, psychotic break from reality that is their lives is theirs. No, your life and your work and the good you did in the world are not theirs. And they have no claim over it. Those dysfunctional alcoholics didn’t build it. It’s yours. You made it! 

And they took some of it by force of threats, intimidation, and fear. That is how the government treats you when it taxes you. It treats you in a way that you would never accept from any other organization of people. The government treats you in a way that the government itself defines as a criminal when any other organization treats you that way.

And Americans have been putting up with this abusive and tyrannical federal tax and spending regime since 1913. And growing increasingly more dissatisfied at best with the results, yet we keep letting Washington take even more from us with every new Congress, and starting in the Trump administration, and gathering pace over the last year with Biden in office, we have reached an inflection point of exponential growth in Washington’s profligate theft regime.

Here’s U.S. federal spending by year since 1789:

Here’s the national debt graphed in trillions of dollars by year since 1994, the year Republicans swept U.S. House elections in a red wave that flipped 54 seats from Democrats to Republicans. The Republicans and Clinton are rumored to have balanced the budget, but if they balanced the budget, then why did the national debt increase every year from 1994 until 2001? Graphic by Visual Capitalist:

Washington’s financial slavery regime boomed like never before under President Ronald Reagan, with Democrats spending everything and the Gipper signing every ridiculously filled in blank check they sent over his desk. Then the mass theft kept getting worse under Clinton, and everybody still lies about it to this day and says he balanced the budget. If Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich balanced the budget in the 1990s, why did the national debt grow? 

Can a CPA explain that one to me? The Washington theft occupation of the American economy started growing at a parabolic rate after the year 2000, with Bush and Obama under the Boehner-Pelosi Congress. Since Trump and Biden, what has been up until now, a grievously injurious and un-American fiscal policy, entirely illegal under the plain reading and clear intent of our form of government as duly constituted in 1787, and growing more disconcertingly out of anyone’s control throughout our living memory has now become an imminent existential threat to the stability of human civilization, because of the sheer magnitude of its destruction of capital by misappropriating resources out of their natural order by force, and because the inherent hostility and amoral brutality of taxation are corrosive to the human spirit and insidiously corrupting of the character of the American people in subtle yet profoundly consequential ways.

Here’s the purchasing power of a U.S. dollar since 1913, when an act of Congress created the nation’s fourth central bank:

That’s theft too. And they steal your money through inflation on Capitol Hill and at the Federal Reserve, and at the U.S. Treasury Department, and in the White House, and at all the big federal reserve banking system corporations that line their pockets by stealing from you through higher prices when you spend your money on top of stealing from you when you earn it.

So President Joe Biden is lying when he says that the trillions of dollars in more deficit spending that Washington is working itself up to steal from you, on top of the trillions it already did last year and the trillions it already did over and over again before that is “fiscally responsible.”

Here’s how to fix this: Stop paying your taxes. And let them come to your house and arrest you for not giving them your money, and see how long they can go on like that before they can’t find anyone willing to keep oppressing other human beings that way. There has got to be a better way. I regret that I only have my own life to give for the cause. Mine is not enough to make them stop. More people have to refuse to pay and let their lives be ruined over it if Washington goes so far. We must put our hands and arms and put our entire bodies on the gears and levers of the evil machine.