The United States Border Patrol Is In Crisis

The U.S. Border patrol officers feel lost. The reason they are there is to control what comes across the border into the United States — people and drugs. Under the Biden administration, they feel they are not controlling anything. In fiscal 2022 there were 2.3 million encounters with illegal migrants crossing the border from Mexico. And they can’t stop the drugs because they don’t have anywhere near the resources they need.

This tremendous increase in illegals crossing into the United States, along with the inability of law enforcement to do their job, is causing low morale and an increase in suicides. There have been four members of border patrol personnel who have died by suicide in the past two weeks.

An interviewed border patrol agent — who wants to remain anonymous because the Biden administration has forbidden them from talking about their job — has made some telling statements.

He said, “We know the long-term effects that this surge of illegal immigration will have on the country. The country will be a larger scale of what sanctuary states have given a glimpse of. The lawlessness created by government-funded support programs will destroy our education and medical structures,”

The agent also stated that the policies have ramped up rates of domestic violence and alcoholism among border patrol agents. Their mental health is being stressed to a breaking point because they can’t do the job the government hired them to do.

Law enforcement officers are more likely to commit suicide than the public. The suicide rate for border patrol agents is 28% higher than for other law enforcement officers. The crisis has gotten to where they have hired a suicidologist. His job was to investigate and find the cause for the tremendous increase in stress on border patrol agents.

The same border patrol agent said, “We’re asking that this come to light. Have a program and policies that if an employee comes forward because they’re already struggling, don’t put more stressors on him or her. Don’t shame them. Don’t put them in the corner in public view. You’re just adding to the stress,”

The saddest part of this is, like many things happening now, the policies of the Biden administration is responsible for allowing this crisis to spiral out of control.