The United Kingdom Is Getting Crushed By Energy Inflation

The United Kingdom is experiencing a rapid rise in energy prices that is far outpacing any increases in income. One reason for the increase in prices is that the UK has joined the rest of Europe in embracing renewable energy. While this may be an admirable goal in an ideal world, the realities on the ground have unintended consequences on energy prices that are hurting everyday citizens.

Wind and solar are reportedly unreliable sources of energy. Obviously, it is not sunny or windy all the time. The uneven generation of energy by renewables puts a strain on the grid and results in having to buy energy at peak times from other sources. This push for green energy is one reason for the giant increase in the cost of energy. Predictably, instead of focusing on how to fix the root of the problem, liberal politicians want to treat the symptoms and not the disease.

Exacerbating the problem is the current crisis in Ukraine. The United Kingdom is not energy independent, and the switch to renewables has only increased the country’s dependence on foreign energy exports. Russia is responsible for at least 8 percent of the United Kingdom’s oil.

The UK has placed sanctions on Russia and has pledged to completely phase out all Russian energy imports. Unfortunately, the UK will be forced to trade one dictator’s oil for another dictator’s oil, as the West continues to stall its energy production capabilities.

The United Kingdom should consider what its neighbor to the south, France, is doing. The nation now has nuclear power supplying an astonishing 70 percent of the country’s electric needs. Until the United Kingdom adopts energy policies that address their problems, they will be stuck with skyrocketing energy costs.

Given that the United States is no longer a major player in energy exports, the Uk and the rest of Europe will have to look to other sources. Those sources are not free democracies. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela have oil to spare. The main problem is that purchasing oil from these countries funds their human rights violations and solidifies the position of their oppressive regimes.