The Unfair Treatment of Border Patrol Agents is Piling Up

Since the Biden administration took over the federal government, it’s shown unspeakable levels of disrespect to Border Patrol agents.

The height of this disrespect comes as the White House set an immigration crisis in motion and then refused to fix it.

To add insult to injury, rampant illegal immigration, human smuggling, drug trafficking, etc., are about to get a lot worse if Title 42 is removed, as Biden plans to do. Title 42 is the one line standing between America and thousands more illegal immigrants coming to the border each day.

This president has been warned by Republicans and Democrats that now is not the time to let Title 42 fall by the wayside. Yet, as usual, he’s not listening.

Sadly, the disrespect of Border Patrol agents continues. They were previously accused of whipping Haitian immigrants while riding horses.

Yet, even after these claims have been debunked, Border Patrol officials remain barred from horseback, as Twitchy reports.

Disgraceful Treatment of Border Patrol Agents
After viral images spread of Border Patrol agents appearing to whip Haitan immigrants while mounted on horses, an investigation was launched.

This investigation determined that agents were not holding whips, but rather they were holding reins on the horses in order to steady themselves while riding.

Despite this investigation being complete and the clear understanding of what happened being established, it doesn’t appear to matter all that much. Still, to this day, Border Patrol agents cannot use horses.

Prohibition from horseback means these officials will have a harder time pursuing criminals on the border and making their way through hard terrain.

Radio Silence From the Federal Government
Under the Biden administration, the federal government has shown shocking negligence towards the situations happening at the southern border. Federal officials have conceded that border crossings are a problem; yet, they’re still all-in on yanking down Title 42 as soon as possible.

Once news broke of Border Patrol officials being banned from horseback riding, even after the previous investigation, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was mysteriously missing in action.

No requests for comment have been responded to. Americans shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for that to change either.

At this time, it’s clear that neither the Biden administration, nor the various agencies in cahoots with him, have a clue of how to get things under control. It’s unfortunate that Border Patrol officials are getting caught in the crosshairs of this insanity.

Sadly, all signs indicate that what’s happening at the border will get a lot worse before it gets better.