The State Of California Is ‘Blackmailing’ Students Into Vaccination

According to the reports, California has chosen to let go of its mask requirement. Today is the new mask policy (February 15, 2022). This specific day was chosen for no apparent reason. Given how arbitrary the decision to oblige Californians to wear masks was, it is only natural that a decision to relieve Californians from masks be as arbitrary.

It was fine for thousands of Super Bowl fans to cram into a stadium without wearing masks. The fact that the game was the ultimate super-spreader event didn’t appear to bother anyone. Regrettably, the state government continues to suppress children in the most literal sense. It is not shocking that adults who have a lot of money are permitted to have fun at a game while youngsters are forced to suffer in masks while attempting to receive an education.

Moreover, in two weeks, the California Department of Health and Human Services will assess immunization rates among kids to determine whether or not masks must be worn. Children, on the other hand, are fighting back. Their parents are in the same boat, and the state is standing firm, albeit with a condition.

However, he said that vaccination rates would have to rise to be a non-issue. Governor Gavin Newsom is likewise worried about poor immunization rates among young children, worth highlighting.

Therefore, parents must either give their children an untested vaccination or watch them struggle to breathe while at school. The message appears to be that the masks may be removed if enough youngsters get immunized. It will be interesting to see if parents cannot reject this offer. So much for “my body, my choice,” or “my child’s body” in this situation.