The Southern Border Guards Are Against ‘More Threats’ Than Just Illegal Border Crossers

Amid a pandemic, Biden’s open borders policy has resulted in millions of illegal invaders rushing into the country from all over the world. Every day, new risks emerge, highlighting the necessity for him to alter course before it’s too late. According to former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, Biden’s border policies are “killing people.”

Last year, 254 migrants died crossing the border under President Trump. In the first year under President Biden, that number quadrupled to 557. Add to that over 100,000 overdose deaths, the most of which are due to fentanyl, which, according to the DEA, “comes across the border.” The unsecured southern border would be ideal for causing havoc with police enforcement assigned with border security babysitting.

Moreover, in the backdrop of the COVID epidemic, Biden’s open border policy made little sense. Millions of untested and unvaccinated individuals from all over the globe were flowing into the nation, and the same people who insisted on everyone wearing a mask and getting the newest booster and proving it with a vaccine passport didn’t seem to mind.

Despite the FBI’s best efforts, the Texas synagogue shooting warned everyone of the threat of terrorism. An open southern border will entice terrorists looking to enter the nation. In this circumstance, any somewhat intellectual nation-state leader would see the need to secure a border. Harris and Biden, on the other hand, are incapable of even approaching that degree of competency.

Therefore Biden’s dereliction of duty at the southwest border allows criminals to sneak even more fentanyl and other hazardous substances into the United States, exacerbating the country’s terrible opioid problem. According to data from Biden’s first year in office, enough fentanyl has been confiscated to kill the entire US population six times over. The solution is simple: they know they’ll lose in November, so they’ll have to pull another rabbit from the hat.

The New York Times argued that everyone should get a vote because, well, why not? The Democrats have previously proposed non-citizens voting in municipal elections. It will be child’s play for the Democrats to cheat with mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and the elimination of voter ID. They don’t care that having an open border in these conditions is insane. Maintaining power is more vital to them than fulfilling their constitutional obligations.