The Socialist Experimenting In Medicine And Air Travel

In an MSNBC interview Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “a domestic travel vaccination rule should be considered as the omicron variant fuels record COVID-19 caseloads in some states and holiday travel continues to be disrupted around the US,” Bloomberg’s Kasia Klimasinska reported Monday.

This interview is good news fodder for press outlets on the left and right to get all heated up over. The left can freak out that the enemy is gaining ground, and the request can freak out that the enemy thinks gaining ground should be considered.

Dr. Fauci may be a secret genius, and he’s fighting coronavirus by trying to get readers of news to hyperventilate to strengthen their lungs.

Aww shit, Tucker, tell us. What is it this time?

Do you mean some boys in Washington will tell Southwest Airlines and me that I have to get a vaccine if I can fly on their planes?

That’s some noise, bruh!

This Chinese bat experimenting freak is just trying to take the heat off his ass for trying to take down those Great Burlington Declarations boys.

Honey, I’m madder a hell about this COVID carp they keep doing in our freaking country!

“Making vaccination mandatory adds another incentive to get more individuals immunized. If you want to do it with domestic flights, I believe that is something that should be seriously explored.”

Doc, that’s considered illegal.

The United States of America constitution doesn’t permit the federal government to stand between customers and airlines. It requires the airline company to direct the customer to undergo an invasive medical procedure as a condition of flying on one of their planes.

Suppose there are record caseloads of coronavirus-positive patients in some states. In that case, an airliner might study and consider taking the initiative as a private concern in the interests of its customers to restrict someone with a contagious infection from flying on their planes. That’s understandable and reasonable.

And it’s entirely possible, probably altogether likely, that they would be consulting with medical authorities in the government like Doc Octopus over here trying to get his tentacles in every industry and try out the communist takeover on the sectors that are already most regulated by the federal government like the healthcare industry and the airlines.

If the pretty hostile socialist takedown of streets last year and the continuing surge of the variant that has adapted to exploit already partially socialized industries have you breathing heavily, wait and see what Democrats will do with your country if you give them four more years after Biden.