The New York Times Indicates The End of Biden Era

The New York Post covered the story related to Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. The story, however, did not get much coverage because of widespread denial. Almost two years later, the New York Times now confirms the Post’s story regarding the laptop.

In October 2020, before the elections, Hunter Biden’s laptop was handed over to the FBI, as it was left unclaimed at a computer repair store. Yaacov Apelbaum was responsible for uncovering the Biden family corruption, obscene images of Hunter Biden and others, proof of Hunter Biden’s drug habits, the Biden family’s corrupt activities, and even their unlawful global dealings.

On Wednesday night, the New York Times published an extensive report on the federal probe into Hunter’s tax filings, and it proves the existence of the notorious laptop.

Back in October 2020, The Post published a report covering the contents of Hunter’s laptop. The laptop contained crucial information in the form of photos, financial documents, emails and text messages between Hunter, the Biden family and their business associates. These contents clearly showed how Biden’s son took advantage of his political connections in his shady international dealings.

For the purpose of investigation, Federal Prosecutors are looking into emails between Hunter biden and his previous business associates, which were retrieved from the laptop.

The author of The Post report, Emma-Jo Morris, tweeted:

There was more than adequate proof that the report was authentic, as Apelbaum’s reporting from all that month was also confirming the veracity of the story. It is quite difficult to imagine how the New York Times has justified hiding critical news which could have impacted the election results. The Times’ refusal to cover the story also allowed the Bidens to dodge the consequences of their corrupt dealings.

Media personalities, like Brian Stelter and Leslie Stahl, also rejected the report regarding the laptop. Moreover, fifty former intelligence representatives proposed that Russia is spreading disinformation through that report — which seems like it would be a very punishable offense for our trusted intelligence community.

Meanwhile, when the New York Times finally recognized the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s laptop on Wednesday, Joe Biden and his band of Democrats were caught in a very tough spot, as they had adamantly claimed that the laptop was “Russian disinformation.”