The Media’s Complicity With the White House is Dangerous

When the Biden administration first came into power last year, its officials said the White House would be honest and transparent under this president. Of course, over a year later, this has been proven as a lie.

At this point, the White House is just gaslighting Americans and lying about what’s happening in the country. One clear example of this deals with the Biden administration’s rhetoric about inflation.

The president and his aides are calling this the “Putin price hike.” Yet, prices started soaring well before the Russian president began his invasion and war crimes in Ukraine.

The White House lied about Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, branding it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. In actuality, Florida’s law has nothing to do with not saying “gay.” What it does pertain to is making sure that children in kindergarten to third grade aren’t being taught about gender politics.

As the press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki repeatedly lies to the American public. However, Psaki’s lies are enabled by the media’s overwhelming refusal to call her out, per The Federalist.

Two Peas in a Corrupt Pod

During an April 6 press conference, Psaki brought a binder with her as a prop, saying the binder contained the information the White House shared with Congress about COVID spending. During this time, only one of many reporters took the time to ask Psaki about the particulars of alleged COVID spending details shared with lawmakers.

It gets worse. When Stat News reporter Rachel Cohrs actually called Psaki’s bluff and asked for access to the binder’s content, the White House refused. Despite the White House press secretary previously saying copies of the information would be made for reporters, she didn’t follow through. Instead, Cohrs was given 60 minutes to review 400 pages of content.

The fact that only one reporter had the courage to do the right thing is troubling. It’s also a prime example of why the mainstream media is dubbed as “fake news.”

No Transparency, No Accountability

The White House’s lack of transparency goes hand in hand with its lack of accountability. Time and time again, this administration chooses to blame other people for the problems it creates.

Biden, to this day, hasn’t once acknowledged the harm his policies caused along the southern border, in Afghanistan, or to blue-collar Keystone XL pipeline workers. This president won’t own up to the fact that his spending bills created the worst inflation crisis in 40 years and may possibly cause a recession.

The mainstream media clearly won’t hold this president or his administration accountable for their actions. Come 2024, the onus will fall on the American people to do so.