The Media Is Waging War On Ron DeSantis

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Florida’s had a considerable recovery process to endure. While much of the state is back to normal, there are still certain communities with a long road ahead of them.

On the ground is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). Despite being repeatedly under attack by the media, DeSantis remains hard at work to ensure Floridians have the necessary support to rebuild and regroup their lives.

With statewide elections coming up, a huge part of this effort entails making sure the hurricane’s aftermath doesn’t stop people from being able to vote. This is why the Florida governor further opened up voting access to the communities most impacted by the hurricane.

Of course, the biased, left-wing media is now using this as an opportunity to attack DeSantis.

Reviewing the Media’s Latest Meltdown
Some Floridian communities that took the worst blows from Hurricane Ian are Sarasota, Lee, and Charlotte counties. For this reason, the Florida governor put through executive action that gives these communities greater access to early voting and mail-in ballots.

Democrats, for all their talk about the need to ensure everyone has access to voting, still found fault with DeSantis’ executive action.

Outlets like MSNBC and The Guardian accused the Florida governor of trying to give GOP voters an unfair leg up. They also said DeSantis failed to properly respond to Hurricane Ian, despite emergency responders in Florida stating the opposite.

Though if a Democratic governor were to expand voting access to communities hit hard by a hurricane, the mainstream media would sing their praises for weeks to come.

A Sad Attempt to Stop the Inevitable
The media attacks against DeSantis come as he’s all but a shoo-in to secure reelection in Florida next month. Polls show the Florida governor leading Democratic rival Charlie Crist, whose response to the hurricane hasn’t been well-received.

Rather than putting politics aside as DeSantis did, Crist used the aftermath of Hurricane Ian to solicit campaign donations. Then again, the Florida Democrat needs them, seeing as he’s got far less cash on hand than DeSantis.

Despite partisan attacks from the left-wing media and others, DeSantis continues to lead by example and with honor.