The Left Is Trying To Turn America Into The ‘New Venezuela’

The Second Amendment establishes that the American people have the right to keep and bear weapons. There are no restrictions on the Second Amendment, such as the type of handgun, the number of rounds in the magazine, the caliber size, the manufacturer, or the number of firearms people can carry or keep in their house. The Democrats use any chance, no matter how tenuous the link, to undermine the right of law-abiding individuals. Pro-gun organizations are attacked and humiliated for any reason that provides the gun controllers with an opportunity to further their mission.

It will be ten years in June since Venezuela prohibited private gun ownership. Since June 2012, the only persons who could purchase guns and ammunition were members of the military, police, security, and allies of Maduro’s dictatorship. Depriving individuals of their right to self-defense is a slippery slope that will lead to a free country’s demise. It has the potential to quickly transform a beautiful, resourceful, and free country into a living nightmare for its residents.

Moreover, when the Obama Administration departed office in 2009, they instructed Venezuelans to hand up their firearms and ammo. Their justification was that more needed to be done to address Venezuela’s more than 18,000 homicides in 2011. Many individuals were unaware of the implications for their safety in the face of a radical communist administration bent on imposing iron-fisted control over its people.

Like Nicolas Maduro, Obama’s goal was to disarm all Americans and leave them subject to iron-fist tyranny. If you give up the guns of your own free will, you are solely to blame. People bit the bait, and now they have them under control because they don’t have any guns to protect themself or their families if the need arises. Less than a decade after, Maduro outlawed all gun and ammunition sales to individual Venezuelans. News began to surface about how Venezuelans deeply regretted allowing their tyrant to confiscate their firearms. Venezuela has devolved into a living nightmare for its citizens. There is no going back without murder if people give up their rights.

Therefore, any nation’s disarmament renders its people helpless against tyrants. Only those who support Dictator Maduro’s iron-fisted government possess and wield weapons. It’s not about security. It’s about establishing a monopoly on gun control, mind control, violence, and money. Gun control is a kind of population control, and taxpayers foot the bill.