The Left Is Getting Crushed on Multiple Fronts and It Is Glorious

A lot of conservative media time is spent lamenting the inexorable advancement of the left and its agenda. Conservatives for the most part like to play by the rules and when they engage in political fights, they usually consist of holding actions instead of going on the offensive. More ‘regular’ people outside the political universe are realizing that the world they grew up in either no longer exists or is in danger of fading away.

It started with the pandemic. School closures and zoom classes allowed parents to see what left-wing agendas were being pushed on their children. This has led to a lot of people asking what else is going on that they do not know about. There has been a groundswell for action and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is listening.

The Florida legislature successfully passed the Parental Rights in Education Bill which prohibits age-inappropriate sexual topics with young children. Predictably, there was a left-wing outcry. States such as California took punitive economic actions against Florida and heavy hitters like Disney Corporation came out against the bill. California is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and it did not go as Disney planned. Earlier this month the Florida legislature stripped the woke corporation of its tax exemption status.

It got worse for woke culture this week. CNN+ was shut down after less than a month in business. What the media and corporate elites fail to realize is that ‘wokeism’ is only practiced by a very loud but small number of people. Up to this point, the rest of us have just tolerated it. Much like political correctness in the 90s people agreed to play along because it seemed to originate from a good place. Now that tolerance is gone given the militance in which people are seeking it to be enforced. People are voting with their wallets outside of the news sector. Netflix stock tanked 36% in five days. People do not like being preached to and are not interested in watching content like “He’s expecting” at all.

The ascendance of the left is not preordained. It is time for conservatives to press on the gas and play offense. The day of the holding action is over.