The Iran Deal Must Be Stopped

The negotiations with Iran are ineffective in preventing them from becoming a powerful armed state in the Middle East. Sanctions are not enough.

They continue to antagonize Israel. The financial aid by the U.S. is helping them to continue arming themselves and being able to work on its long-range missile program.

The US Special Representative for Iran, Robert Malley, is abolishing sanctions. Malley will also be reversing sanctions on Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), who was responsible for the 1983 Hezbollah bombing in Beirut, which killed over 240 U.S. servicemen.

Iran will also be free from oil sanctions that will bring millions of dollars in revenue for their nuclear explorations.

Three officials from Malley’s team have resigned from the negotiations. They claim that the current situation is nothing but a disaster.

Reported by the ex-State Department official Gabriel Noronha, a further $7 billion in financial aid would be given to Iran. However, in return, they are expected to free at least 12 hostages from the jails of Iran.

Biden wishes to secure this agreement more than holding the desire to protect Israel. It will help his party secure midterms by having a successful foreign policy which can help them in elections.

Although Malley can bypass Congress by agreeing to lift sanctions that do not directly help the Iranian nuclear program, it will help Iran rescue their funds that are stuck in South Korea which indirectly helps them pursue their dangerous agenda.

Gabriel Noronha claims that if Biden does reject the deal, it will be too late to overcome the damage it has already caused. It would allow Iran to export more oil which will generate revenue worth billions, and the U.S. may not have the power to stop them anymore.