The Gas Tax May Be On Its Way Out

Gas prices in the United States are genuinely putting the squeeze on the American people at this time. In some places across the country, the cost of gas per gallon has exceeded $5.00.

Americans everywhere are making it very clear that gas, as it stands, is not affordable. The current gas prices are making some people reconsider their commutes, cut back on trips planned or even cut back on expenses in other areas of their lives.

At this time, the Biden administration has gone out of its way to avoid responsibility for where gas prices currently stand. Biden claimed Putin is to blame. However, this is not true.

Biden set sky-high gas rates in motion when he shut down oil drilling, along with fracking, pipelines and other permits necessary for domestic oil production. The White House doesn’t want to face this. However, it’s becoming apparent to everyone that something has to change when it comes to gas prices.

It is for this reason that the gas tax may very well be heading out the door, as PJ Media has pointed out.

In light of where gas prices are, Republicans and Democrats are unified, calling for the gas tax to be eliminated. These calls are growing, with leaders at the state and federal levels calling for this policy shift.

A takedown of the gas tax is being framed as a means of giving financial relief to Americans who are getting to the cleaners every time they head to the gas pumps. However, eliminating the gas tax is not without its risks and pitfalls.

For starters, without a gas tax, capital for a series of infrastructure projects could be harder to come upon. People who oppose the abolition of the gas tax warn that these funds are critical for state highway programs and public transit projects.

Furthermore, if the gas tax is eliminated, it may be hard to bring it back after gas prices decrease.

Instead of ending the gas tax in the United States, politicians should pressure Biden to end his anti-energy policies. It is what’s going to provide long-term relief for Americans at the gas pump without causing a whole new chain reaction of problems.

Taking out the gas tax could very well be akin to putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.