The Establishment is Throwing Its Weight Behind Liz Cheney

In the Republican Party, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has largely burned her bridges by repeatedly going after former President Trump.

Cheney continues to insist that Trump is an insurrectionist and a danger to democracy. She voted to impeach him in the aftermath of January 6. Likewise, her decision to serve on the January 6 committee also hasn’t won her much favor with the GOP either.

The Wyoming congresswoman is now facing off against attorney Harriet Hageman in the primary election. Hageman is backed by Trump and some polls show her leading Cheney by as many as 50 points.

As likely defeat looms over Cheney, certain members of the GOP establishment are throwing their weight behind her nonetheless.

Never Trumpers Unite
Republicans who oppose Trump and have been largely called out as Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) are the ones predominantly backing Cheney. This involves former President George W. Bush and Never Trumper/political operative Karl Rove.

Various officials in the energy sector have also donated to Cheney’s campaign. This comes after the Wyoming congresswoman’s work to get Democrats to switch to Republicans so they can vote for her against Hageman in the primary election.

Yet, despite the close to $1 million that Cheney’s raked in from the Never Trump establishment wing of the GOP, Hageman’s donations are still higher. The Trump-backed lawyer managed to bring in $4.3 million in donations to her campaign.

Hageman also has $940,000 to Cheney’s $386,000 from just Wyoming donors alone.

The End of the Road?
In spite of the support that Cheney’s gotten from Hollywood elites, Never Trumpers, and even some Democrats, it’s not expected to keep her in the House of Representatives. Polling alone shows that most Wyoming Republicans are in favor of Hageman taking Cheney’s seat.

In light of this, Cheney’s gone on record saying that she doesn’t believe serving in the House of Representatives is more important than “standing up” against Trump.

The Wyoming congresswoman and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, insist that keeping Trump out of the White House is vital to US democracy. In a recent political ad for his daughter, the ex-vice president argued no one has posed a greater threat to US democracy than Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump warns that Cheney is both a “warmonger” and ultimately disloyal to the Republican Party.