The Elite Of Canada ‘Created’ The Ottawa Crisis And Now They’re ‘Clueless’ About How To End It

If people told 18 months ago, it would be believed that Australia, a country that once exuded rugged individuality, would collapse into a COVID police state. However, here they are. For years, corporate media publications like The Atlantic and The New York Times have warned us that Hungary and Poland are breeding grounds for dictatorship. Still, it turns out that they should have been more concerned about Canada and Australia.

The “Freedom Convoy” of trucks, which landed in Ottawa over a week ago, has virtually shut down the country’s capital. On Monday, the mayor announced a state of emergency after municipal law enforcement officials publicly discussed bringing in the military. Ottawa authorities are seizing protesters’ fuel, food, and other supplies. They may or may not have legal authorization to do so.

Moreover, Conservative lawmakers in Canada appear to be split and rudderless, unable to give demonstrators a voice or significant support. According to accounts, there are no visible off-ramps for the demonstrators, and no one in a position of authority appears to know how to de-escalate the situation. Nobody knows what will happen next, but it will undoubtedly include violent battles between police and demonstrators.

The government’s severe treatment of unvaccinated Canadians is directly responsible for the current instability in Ottawa. According to him, Canadians have generally adopted COVID vaccinations, with an overall immunization rate of roughly 85 percent. But, according to news, this has given Canadian political and media elites permission to threaten non-vaccination.

In October, Canada’s jobs minister said that employees dismissed for refusing the flu vaccination might forfeit their unemployment benefits. Threatening the unvaccinated’s livelihood has become routine for Canadian government leaders. However, a sizable proportion of Canadians oppose the vaccination, and it is unlikely to receive it. The present standoff arguably triggered Trudeau’s refusal or inability to deal with these holdouts.

Therefore Justin Trudeau and his fellow left-wing elites may relish a showdown with what they see as a Trump-style populist movement in Canada. However, they should be cautious since what happens next might have far-reaching consequences outside Canada. It’s not difficult to see the US intelligence community and the FBI going after protest organizers in the United States at Trudeau’s request.