The Disinformation Governance Board Has Been Scrapped

Since the Biden administration came into power, concerns about the censorship of Americans have been on the rise.

Despite the White House’s previous commitments to transparency, it’s also advocated for its critics to be shut down.

Months ago, when podcast host Joe Rogan landed in hot water over the contents of his episodes, the White House claimed Spotify should do more in controlling what Rogan says on its platform.

Meanwhile, White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy previously called for social media companies to censor Americans who make posts about climate change that run contrary to the administration’s narratives.

The Biden administration even tried putting through a Disinformation Governance Board back in April. Although, after massive backlash from the general public, this board has been shut down.

The End of the Disinformation Governance Board
The official purpose of the Disinformation Governance Board was to push back against “misinformation” tied to Russia and immigration.

However, issues with this board quickly arose. For starters, the person set to lead it, Nina Jankowicz, was found to have previously put out misinformation herself, along with anti-conservative, heavily pro-leftist rhetoric.

On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officially dumped the board, stating that a need for it doesn’t exist after all.

In a public statement, DHS implied that it would continue working on new avenues that can be used to prevent “disinformation” from spreading amongst the general public. Naturally, DHS’ statement also included a professed “commitment” to upholding privacy, along with civil liberties and civil rights.

This is ironically the same DHS whose secretary claimed the Biden administration is doing a good job of handling affairs on the southern border.

Another Similar Board to Come?
Despite the shutdown of the Disinformation Governance Board, some conservatives are warning the greater war is far from over.

Many have concerns that the White House will still seek out creative means of censoring Republicans and other Americans who don’t support Biden’s agenda.

The White House has been clear on numerous occasions that it believes social media sites should employ greater action to control what Americans say.

At this time, it remains to be seen what comes after the now defunct Disinformation Governance Board and how the public responds to it.