The British Government Has Finally Reached On A Conclusion Regarding COVID Origins

The British government believes the COVID-19 epidemic results from a lab breach in Wuhan, China. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a chemical weapons expert and former British Army Colonel, told the Telegraph that “behind closed doors, most people in the UK government think it’s a lab leak.”

“The zoonotic transmission idea simply didn’t make sense,” stated de Bretton-Gordon. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he would reform the United Kingdom’s biosecurity policy to prevent lab leaks. In December, a Harvard and MIT gene therapy expert informed the House of Commons that a lab leak most likely caused COVID.

Moreover, the mainstream media and several scientists criticized claiming that the COVID-19 virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology for a year. “He believes the genesis is more probable than not in the lab,” Chan told Congress in June. Many experts discounted the hypothesis for fear of being “connected with Trump” rather than for scientific reasons.

For months, the media accused the Trump Administration of pushing a “conspiracy theory” that the new coronavirus originated at a virology facility in Wuhan. The virus’s theory originated in a laboratory is now a “real scientific concern.”

Therefore, since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, scientists have pleaded with the public to believe and follow their professional advice. Those who questioned their judgment were labeled as illiterate rubes. According to their admission, these experts’ conclusions were not based on science at all but rather on a political loathing of Donald Trump. They didn’t want to concede that Donald Trump and other Republicans who advocated for more research into the lab leak idea could be on to something.

Scientists are dealing with long-standing questions regarding the virus’s origins, devoid of the partisanship that obscured such debates during Trump’s presidency. In the fall of 2020, The New York Times ran a similar report in which experts revealed that their expert pronouncements were biased and not based on scientific facts. One scientific expert claimed she was having a “hard time defining” why she called anti-lockdown protests irresponsible but not the considerably larger rallies following George Floyd’s death.