The British Army Is ‘Pulling Out’ From Ukraine Amid ‘Imminent’ Russian Invasion

According to British Defense Minister James Heappey, all British troops would be removed from Ukraine since Russia may attack “at any time.” He said that Russia has the artillery weapons, missile systems, and combat aviation systems in place to launch an attack on Ukraine at any time.

Moreover, on that basis, it is believed that their job is to “inform UK people of their position that they should leave the country as soon as possible while commercial options remain.” He claimed that sending a military force to Ukraine would play into Vladimir Putin’s hands by portraying Russia as a victim of western threats.

According to British Defense Minister Heappey, Putin and his colleagues want to declare that anything they do results from Western aggression in Ukraine. “It’s essential to them, and honestly to everyone engaged,” he added, “that they’re evident that they won’t play an active role in Ukraine.”

In contrast, according to the Independent, Tom Tugendhat, the Conservative Chair of the British Commons foreign affairs committee, has indicated that Ukrainian military forces are “increasingly capable” of defending itself without NATO intervention.

“They’re giving them the capacity to fight for themselves,” he adds. “Having participated in the battle in nations all over the world, he can tell that training local forces is a far superior defensive strategy than sending soldiers in.”

During a visit to the Ukrainian capital, the Ukrainian President said that his country had a “much larger army even than they have” and became increasingly capable of self-defense. “The truth is that the Ukrainians already have around 145,000 in their army, and they have another hundred-odd thousand border guard reserves and individuals like that,” the President remarked.

According to Ellwood, “an invasion is coming,” and food prices worldwide would be influenced if it occurs. Food costs will impact oil and gas prices, and European security will be jeopardized even more.