The Biden-Harris Administration Promises To ‘Close Gaps’ In The Border Wall

After the anti-President Joe Biden suspended the improvement of the southern border wall and wasted the materials that are now just sitting in outdoor storage paddocks, his team has launched an apparent effort to shore up the boundary. I will believe it when I see it.

Radical Democrats are running the Biden-Harris maladministration. Reports have been floated that the holes left open last year during the transition from the Trump Presidency to the Biden White House will be completed.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has said it would fill holes in the fencing near Tucson, AZ, El Paso, TX, and Yuma, AZ. These areas have seen massive spikes in illegal immigrant border crossing and movement. DHS reported that it will add a missing entryway and build the capacity to doors that are now hung however are right now inoperable.

So even finishing the wall requires Democrats to focus on the ways to let people into this country rather than keeping people out who decide to break the law instead of filling for a visa, regardless of how arduous it may be. If Biden wanted to make it less challenging to immigrate, he could technically do that within our current system by allocating money to ICE. But that would mean less money for Democrats to pass along to their friends.

Border Patrol Agents have used the purported crisis at the southern border to salvage doors. They have also allocated agents to save immigrants trapped in the water system, rivers, and other channels.

In January, the Biden-Harris maladministration suspended building the southern line wall simply because their motto was “Tear Down This Wall” rather than “Build The Wall.” It is now run by incompetent children who think that campaign slogans make good policy. The wall begun under the previous president Donald Trump was left unfinished. In many ways, Trump wanted this as a campaign issue, but he should have finished what he started and delivered on the promise to end the wall. He did a great job getting the supplies in Texas but didn’t establish how to transfer material to Texas. That would have been 3D chess.

This year, many illegal immigrants have flooded over the border by leaving many miles of wall in development and inadequate safety. In the months since Trump was ousted, CBP and ICE agents caught more than 1.7 million illegal aliens. According to Customs and Border Protection, this has been the largest increase in a single year since immigration records have begun.

DHS said it would focus on soil disintegration and flooding near the incomplete wall. So instead of dealing with immigration, this maladministration will deal with the environment, but if it gets the wall completed, America will benefit. Attempting to resolve other issues stemming from the stalled building project requires closely working with Texas and Arizona state governments.

The CBP authorities said that DHS approached Congress to reduce finances it gave for the development of the wall during the Trump organization. Much of the funding was planned to be completed by the end of 2022. Biden staffers keep approaching Congress to drop remaining border wall funds.