The Biden Admin Left Behind A ‘Humanitarian Crisis’ In Afghanistan

One Afghan mother’s newborn twins, a baby boy, was sold to a childless couple for $104. She couldn’t feed her newborn son or seven other children since she was out of food. Her spouse is a day worker who earns $1 each day. She handed her child up because of poverty, she told a reporter.

According to a United Nations official, Afghanistan is witnessing the greatest humanitarian disaster they’ve ever seen. Almost all of the population is at risk of sliding into poverty. According to the International Monetary Fund, Afghanistan’s GDP might fall by 30%. Aid agencies attempted to get cash into the hands of ordinary Afghans, but the Taliban prohibits Afghans from using foreign currencies.

Moreover, nearly 24 million Afghans are starving, and many are selling their children to help feed their families. The majority of the children sold are girls, with some as young as nine years old. Following the Taliban’s takeover of the nation, girls were denied access to school. When it came to power in August, the Islamist party stated it was striving to get girls back to school.

The suffering of the Afghan people may have been alleviated if the US had not abruptly withdrawn in August. The Afghan economy expanded due to the US occupation. Girls went to school and participated in sports, women entered the workforce and became judges, attorneys, physicians, journalists, and business professionals. She says that Afghanistan was on the right road because of the sacrifices of military personnel and the generosity of taxpayers.

Furthermore, Joe Biden has talked about how he will “protect freedom, advocate opportunity, and uphold universal rights” as part of his plan to recapture American principles. On the other hand, President Biden established an artificial date to pull the US forces out of Afghanistan, regardless of the cost or repercussions. His rhetoric about values may sound hollow and pitiful to an Afghan woman who had to sell one of her children to sustain her family.