Texas Police Department Refuses to Apologize After Rittenhouse Selfie

The woke mob struck out in its mad rush to get a Texas police department to apologize after one of its officers took a selfie with Kyle Rittenhouse and posted it on the unit’s Facebook page.

A police officer, who has not been identified, took the selfie with Rittenhouse in front of a patrol vehicle. In his initial post, he said, “Make these stops, you never know who you might meet.” He added that the picture was indeed with Rittenhouse before saying, “welcome to Texas.”

Kyle Rittenhouse, 19, was famously tried on murder charges and acquitted after shooting three men in self defense, two fatally, during the Kenosha riots in August 2020. The jury decided that he was protecting himself, as he and his attorneys argued.

His case became a dividing line between those who believed the Black Lives Matter protesters were simply peaceful demonstrators and others who saw them as violent extremists.

As could be expected, when the selfie was posted there was an intense backlash from over 1,800 users. Most of them were of the woke variety and slammed the Thrall police Department for welcoming a “killer.”

The department, however, refused to back down.

In its Facebook response, the police department manager said that Kyle Rittenhouse was “arrested, charged, indicted, and then found not guilty” by a jury — which is exactly how the nation’s judicial system is supposed to work. The post then asked for the “hateful” commenters to add information to the contrary.

Little if anything was added that was helpful, but that did not stop commentators from posting their vitriol. Words like “sick,” “shameful,” “a joke,” “disgusting,” and “known killer” filled the social media platform after the photograph and following defense.

Rittenhouse was accused of murder after shooting two White men to death and injuring a third during riots against the police in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Police there had shot and paralyzed a Black man, Jacob Blake, which led to days of rioting.

Then 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse traveled from nearby Illinois to, as he testified, help protect private property from rioters. The now 19-year-old is in Texas to attend Blinn College, which is just east of Austin. At least one town rolled out the welcome mat to Texas.