Texas is Not Backing Down From Immigration Battle with Biden

Since Joe Biden got into office last year, one of the first moves he made was opening the floodgates to mass illegal immigration. Biden did this by rolling back the immigration reforms from the previous administration, without implementing new reforms to replace them.

Then, to add insult to injury, the Biden administration allowed the clock on Title 42 to run out. As many people have pointed out, Title 42 allowed for illegal immigrants to be turned back to their home countries, thus avoiding the southern border from being overrun.

Biden doesn’t care about problems at the border, though. In fact, he’s done everything possible to make these problems happen and then bus migrants to various locations across the United States.

However, Texas isn’t going to stand for this at all, as documented by Fox News.

A Message From the Attorney General of Texas

During a Saturday interview with Fox News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued a challenge to the Biden administration. This challenge called for the president and his officials to uphold federal immigration laws.

Paxton’s call for this comes amid a recent warning from Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX). The Republican governor has stated that if Biden chooses to send illegal immigrants into Texas, these migrants will be bussed to the nation’s capital.

To this end, Paxton explained that if the White House isn’t going to uphold the country’s immigration laws, then Governor Abbott is within his rights to protect Texas.

Meanwhile, other Texas officials have expressed confidence in Abbott’s plan to have illegal immigrants sent to Washington DC, if they appear in the Lone Star State.

This newest battle over immigration policy comes after over a year of Texas working with other border states to ward off the dangerous impacts of unlawful border crossings. Not once has the White House expressed any willingness to follow through on enforcing US immigration laws.

Pushback from the Biden Administration

In the wake of Governor Abbott’s warning, the Biden administration has dismissed it as nothing more than a “publicity stunt.”

The White House is also claiming the Texas governor doesn’t have the authority to follow through on his word; however, they may regret making this claim.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, local communities in the state will be able to reach out to the Texas Division of Emergency Management when they feel overwhelmed by illegal immigrants.

From this point, the Texas Division of Emergency Management can supply transportation for illegal immigrants to head to the nation’s capital.