Texas House Democrats Are Reportedly Fuming Because Biden Refuses To Meet With Them

Texas House Democrats were reported to have fled the state to Washington to meet with Vice-President Kamala Harris and other top Democratic leaders to push for the “For The People Act” to be passed. It is the election policy that Biden and his democratic allies have been trying, as opposed to the Republican-led legislature being pursued in the Republican-led states.

President Joe Biden has been very active in pushing for legislation that protects the voting rights of all against the Republican legislature that restricts the voting rights. But despite that, Biden has refused to meet with the Democrats even through Zoom, who came to Washington to talk and strategize to enact the legislation. After they met with Kamala, they were praised by her for their courage and the ‘great sacrifice’ that they had made for their country.

Top Democrat O’Rourke from Texas, while commenting on Biden’s reluctance to meet with the Democrats, is very alarming. He must be held accountable for the voting bill under consideration in Congress. Biden has been the most vocal about protecting the voting rights that Republicans aim to restrict and has been commended by the Democrats for that hence their stance of fleeing to the White House. Still, his indifference to their requests for a meeting has started to fume anger, and they are calling for accountability.

The whole scenario has been going on for a while, and the democrats have received a lot of attention through the media. It is about time the President takes notice. But maybe he is too busy protecting the environment or protecting the illegal migrants crossing the southern borders. Biden is now risking the support of his allies, and God knows what his intentions are for the “For The People Act” that he was so vocal about.