Ted Cruz Attacked At Astros Championship Parade

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was riding in a float during the Houston Astros’ World Series championship parade when he was struck in the neck and chest area by a beer can.

After the incident, Cruz wrote, “As always I’m thankful for the Houston Police and Capitol Police for their quick action. I’m also thankful that the clown who threw his White Claw had a noodle for an arm.”

Cruz was invited by the Astros to be a part of the parade celebrating the team’s second World Series win in the past six years. While riding on the float, a bystander threw a 12-ounce can of White Claw at him, striking him in the chest and neck area. There were no injuries and Cruz rode on the float for the remainder of the parade.

The Houston Police Department made a statement that said, “HPD made one arrest during today’s victory parade. A male, 33, threw a beer can at U.S. Senator Ted Cruz as the Senator was on a float in the 2400 block of Smith St. The beer can struck the Senator in the chest/neck area. The Senator did not require medical attention.”

The beer can was not open which made it heavier and more dangerous to Cruz and his team. Cruz’s younger daughters were standing next to him on the float at the time of the attack.

Prosecutors filed charges against Joseph Halm Arcidiacono alleging that he “used and exhibited a deadly weapon, namely an unopened metal beverage can,” to assault Sen. Cruz.

This latest attack on Cruz comes while details about Paul Pelosi’s home invasion continue to surface. Pelosi was attacked in his home, and while his assailant, David DePape was arrested, it was not before he caused harm to Pelosi, sending him to the hospital.

Political violence during this election cycle is more the norm rather than the exception. On top of the attacks on Cruz and Pelosi, GOP gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin (R) was assaulted on the campaign trail in July and Pat Harrigan’s (R-NC) parents found a bullet in the window of their home in October.