Team Biden’s Reason For Caring About Ukraine Is Breaking All the “Hypocrisy Meters”

According to President Joe Biden’s spokesperson, Joe Biden’s actions and statements have given the green light to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the takeover of Crimea and other portions of Eastern Ukraine by the Russian forces.

Jonathan Finer, who is President Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser, was asked why the US should care about Ukraine, and his response defied all hypocrisy meters. According to Finer, they promised them in 1994 that they would stick by them if they handed up their weapons. The assumption that it would be expensive has kept Russia at bay for years (until Barack Obama).

Finer stated, “It goes to a fundamental premise of all nations, that the borders should be inviolate.” he used to believe that if they listen to the Democrats, borders should be abolished because they are discriminatory. But the real question is why are borders suddenly so essential when talking about Ukraine?

Moreover, in December 2021, the CBP intercepted 178,840 illegal aliens along the border. This December was the worst in the history of DHS, with nearly 2 million people caught unlawfully entering in 2021. In the first three months of FY’22, there have been 518,370 interactions, which is more than double compared to the previous year’s total.

According to the reports, President Joe Biden’s new national security advisor, Joey Finer, has indicated that US military sent to NATO countries will be under NATO command. If something happens, that implicates NATO countries. Our troops might be put in grave danger since they are not totally under our command. It is the first time that an entire US carrier group has been placed under NATO command since the conclusion of the Cold War.