Team Biden Is Putting Out The ‘Welcome Mat’ At The Southern Border

While President Biden shook a medicine bottle at Putin over a European border that no one in America cares about, the southern border could use conveyor belts. Russia had gathered over 100,000 troops and was preparing to invade, causing a global crisis. The DHS recorded 153,941 interactions on the southern border in a single month, down somewhat from November and December.

The migration of persons in January 2021 was half that of January 2022. Illegal traffic was just a quarter of what it was last January during Biden’s first entire month in office. Trump attempted to stop or reduce the flow with a border wall, but Democrats fought him.

It was reported just three weeks ago on the massive flood of humans, many of whom were adult males released into the interior and virtually all of whom were unlikely to return for a disposition hearing. Yuma saw the most significant rise in percentage, with a 1200 percent increase. Cartels make a lot of money, and it costs them nothing. Because business is so high, they now give out wristbands to clients who have purchased a thrilling trip across the lake.

Moreover, according to photos and video, migrants throw away their wristbands as they reach the Texas side of the Rio Grande. The discarded bands are standard in Starr County, Texas’s Rio Grande Valley section. Border Patrol agents have discovered the abandoned bracelets for over two months. According to CIS, the threat of a Democrat winning the presidency and opening the border has long spurred migrants in Central America and Mexico. Not every migrant can pay the hefty smuggling charge, which is $2,500 for a Mexican worker. Cartel gangs charge migrants from Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Honduras $3,000.

Therefore Kamala Harris was entrusted to the southern border problem by Biden, and she has failed miserably. Border Patrol officials recently grilled him for his ineptness and wearing a badge he didn’t earn. Biden’s VP and bureaucracy have all failed, but the increase of illegal immigrants can only be blamed on one guy. On his first day in office, Joe Biden revoked Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” (Migrant Protection Protocol) program. Last October, a federal judge ordered DHS to restart it. It didn’t matter. News had gotten out. You get in if you get to the border. Biden put out the welcome mat instead of tackling the problem of restraining the flow.