Team Biden Is ‘Not Happy’ With Reporters Asking Questions About ‘Ukraine And Syria’

The mainstream media serves as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party in Washington. They no longer care to hide their prejudice, frequently referring to Democrats with the word “we.” When a journalist asked a simple question, the Bidenites lash out.

Russia may be plotting a “false flag operation” to justify an invasion of Ukraine, according to the US State Department. The department’s representative referenced a Russian propaganda movie that displays “explosions and phony corpses,” “crisis actors appearing to be mourning,” and “pictures of devastated sites or military equipment” on the ground in Ukraine.

Lee demanded confirmation that Price talked about a film and a false flag operation, according to the reports. Price stated that his remarks were based on material that the US government has access to and protected sources and techniques. Price asked Lee, condescendingly, whether he wanted a printout of the transcript as tangible proof. Lee was adamant in his desire for evidence of Russia’s guilt.

On Joe Biden’s instructions, the senior ISIS terrorist Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi was executed by US soldiers yesterday. The terrorist then alleges that he detonated a suicide vest during a raid, killing himself, his wife, and his children. Another word was that 13 individuals were killed in the operation, including six children and four women. Onboard Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fielded questions from reporters.

Psaki failed to back up the US government’s allegation that an ISIS bomb exploded in Iraq, killing no civilians. She said, “They’re going to give them time to make a final evaluation.” They’ll also supply as much information as they can. Price and Psaki both did an excellent job of repeating government arguments, which is a tactic intended to tire out questionnaires. It is the type of language you hear in despotic governments in the third world, not in one of the world’s major democracies.

Moreover, the media-military-industrial complex is hungry for war to generate billions. History has also shown us that several assertions made by the US Administration, such as the one concerning the presence of WMDs in Iraq, have proven to be complete fabrications. People have a right to know what their government is up to, and they must receive answers.

At this point, a military confrontation would be disastrous for the US economy, which is already suffering from COVID-19 limitations and record-high inflation. This week, two pieces published in mainstream news channels called for military action against Russia in Ukraine. One of the items was “sponsored” by Lockheed Martin, an armaments trader whose stock soared last week. Former Obama official Michael Vickers presently serves on the board of directors of armaments trader BAE Systems, Inc.