Team Biden Is ‘Blowing Off Promises’ Made To Miners, Giving A ‘Big Victory’ To Climate Extremists

Joe Biden wasn’t satisfied with “simply” and purposefully creating an energy crisis on Day One of his presidency, in part by destroying the Keystone XL Pipeline, or with recently vowing to block the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline if Russia invaded Ukraine. That’s not even close.

The leases for Antofagasta PLC’s proposed Twin Metals copper and nickel mine in Minnesota have been terminated by the Department of the Interior. Team Biden withdrew two significant mining leases on Wednesday, thus destroying the project and giving environmentalists a big victory. This time, this is another campaign promise to America’s miners that have been thrown under the bus.

Moreover, President Joe Biden indicated in a speech in October 2020 that he would support increasing local production of metals required to create electric vehicles, solar panels, and other “crucial to his climate strategy” items but only if they were made in the US.

When compared to “fossil fuel burning” cars, electric vehicles (EVs) utilize a “ton” of copper. Copper is found in 18-49 pounds in traditional automobiles, 85 pounds in hybrid EVs, and 132 pounds in plug-in hybrid EVs. Copper is present in cables, transformers, and wiring to the electric panel and is an essential component of charging infrastructure.

In 2016, then-President Barack Obama’s government canceled the leases for the planned mine in northern Minnesota. However, during Donald Trump’s presidency, that decision was reversed. “They discovered the leases were unlawfully renewed in violation of applicable legislation and regulations, and they are taking measures to terminate them,” said Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.

The developer of a proposed copper mine in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is appealing the Biden Administration’s decision to revoke the leases. According to Twin Metals, the decision was solely based on politics, not science, which Chile’s Antofagasta controls. Joe Biden’s preferred means of transportation are electric automobiles. Therefore, an underground mine would provide copper.

According to an environmentalist, the Twin Metals copper-mining licenses should never have been restored in the first place, and this announcement should end the mine danger. The Administration’s newest “climate change” nail in the coffin of the copper mining business delighted Becky Rom of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters environmental organization. “It’s reassuring to have a government that makes judgments with honesty,” Rom says.