Tampa Bay Rays is Facing Consequences For Its Anti-Gun Activism

Nine times out of ten, large companies and political activism are not a good blend. By nature, companies that serve millions of people are likely to have costumes with all sorts of different political views.

When businesses choose to get into political activism and take sides, they are inherently kicking a hornet’s nest. As seen with companies like Disney, Pizza Hut, and others, grandstanding of this nature tends to backfire.

Yet, in spite of this, there is still some force that is driving these businesses to make their politics known. Now, Florida’s Tampa Bay Rays are facing some real consequences for wading into the messy debate about gun control in America.

Major Loss of Funding For the Tampa Bay Rays
Towards the end of May, Tampa Bay Rays released a lengthy statement endorsing gun control and announcing a $50,000 donation it made to a gun control organization.

On top of releasing this statement, the Tampa Bay Rays also took the liberty of railing against so-called “assault weapons” on Twitter. Each of these incidents took place after the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas that resulted in two instructors and 19 elementary school kids being gunned down.


Tampa Bay Rays said its piece; now, it has to face the music.

This past Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued a veto that cut tens of millions of dollars that would have gone towards a training facility, jets, and research initiatives for the Tampa Bay Rays.

What appears to have truly done the Tampa Bay Rays in is not their condemnation of the shooting, but their open support and donation to the radically left Everytown For Gun Safety.

This is inherently political. Also, many Second Amendment supporters in Florida wouldn’t be too thrilled about funds going towards an organization that actively seeks to disarm the law-abiding.

More on the Florida Governor’s Veto
Since cutting funding to the Tampa Bay Rays, DeSantis has been more than clear about the situation. The Florida governor recently announced that forking over taxpayer dollars to sports stadiums isn’t a measure he favors, to begin with.

Despite this, Democrats and gun control supporters have been ripping DeSantis online, calling him a fascist and whatnot.


There have also been implications from gun control advocates that by Tampa Bay Rays not getting millions in taxpayer dollars, this is somehow a violation of the company’s First Amendment rights.

Nowhere in the United States Constitution is the Tampa Bay Rays entitled to coast off of taxpayer dollars.