Sunny Hostin Accuses Tucker Carlson Of Doxing Her

Co-host of “The View,” Sunny Hostin, claims she was doxed by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, causing her to need additional security at her home.

During an appearance on the podcast “Just Jenny,” Hostin claimed that she had surpassed “The View” co-host Joy Behar as the right-wing target on Fox News. She went on to say that Tucker Carlson had, in some ways, disseminated her home address. Hostin claimed that, as a result, she now needs security, gates, and cameras.

A “Breitbart” investigation into Hostin’s claims reveals that the only time Carlson mentioned Hostin’s home on his show was during a March 2021 program. On the show, Carlson mocks the fact that Hostin, who lives in a giant — 10-bedroom and 10-bath — mansion, wants people to know that owning a gun makes her feel like she’s being held, hostage. Tucker refers to Hostin as “mansion lady” and asks why she doesn’t disarm her own bodyguards and tells us what it’s like living in this country, which is becoming increasingly dangerous, without a firearm to protect her. Despite her complaints, there was no mention of Hostin’s address during Carlson’s show.

Details on the Sunny Hostin residence can, however, easily be found on the internet. In a 2018 “People Magazine” article, Hostin shares the story of her 1920s Tudor, originally built for Governor Herbert H. Lehman, located in the hamlet of Purchase in Westchester County, NY. In the article, Hostin shares details about the restoration process of the house, including a separate carriage house on the property for her mother and the installation of an entirely new kitchen.

The ladies of “The View” have often attacked Tucker Carlson, even going so far as to suggest that the Department of Justice investigate him. Earlier this year, Hostin’s co-host Ana Navarro said, referring to Carlson, that the DOJ should look into people who are Russian propagandists.

On another episode last year, Hostin referred to Carlson as “despicable” and a “health hazard.” She went on to add, “There are these variants outside because there are people like Tucker Carlson that are peddling this kind of misinformation that are holding us all hostage to others that are public health, you know, hazards.”